Whorified:  The road to sexual confidence and freedom.  Exploring your sexuality and desires with an open and unashamed view; seeking out a partner or partners who are doing the same.  Gaining knowledge and insight into your own psyche while experimenting and trying new things that bring you happiness and ecstasy.  Being bold and confident enough to go after what you desire without being weighed down by negative societal views or shaming.  Being brave enough to verbalize what you want sexually without being embarrassed.

Come in.  Get dirty.

Welcome to Whorified.com, also known as the House of Hustle.  This page was born from many, many, MANY talks among friends….both make and female.  Our experiences run the gamut from tame to taboo.  There is one thing that can be agreed upon…some people just really need help when it comes to going after what they want sexually.

  • Shame
  • Embarrassment
  • Uneasiness
  • Lack of Experience
  • Shitty role models
  • Unrealistic books/movies/stories

The result is generally the same.  Nightmarish sexual sessions that neither person ever wants to experience again.

I’ve spent way too much time checking out similar sex-tips / sexual confidence building websites over the last couple weeks and wow…um…where the FUCK are some of these self proclaimed internet-sex-experts coming up with some of this shit?!  Seriously, I laughed, I cried, I ate a lot of Excedrin and cringed as I read the funniest paragraphs aloud to my S/O.  (S/O as in Significant Other or  Sexual Obsession.  Maybe he’d prefer Sexual Overlord?)

My head literally HURT after reading some of these “cure all’s.”  I swear to you right now that gaining sexual confidence is NOT that hard, NOT that difficult, and NOT that embarrassing.  

Back in the day, I spent an inordinate amount of time experimenting with very descriptive words and fantasies in role playing adult chat rooms.  Just being able to anonymously share and discuss topics that most people pretended they didn’t ever think about gave me the courage to step outside my comfort zone a bit at a time before I just finally dove in head first.

Topics ranged wildly and some were definite eye openers.  (Let me just say this here…nothing illegal, but definitely sexual practices that weren’t for everyone).

I find it hilarious now that after the success of 50 Shades, it is now apparently acceptable but back then, Oh wow…we heard nothing about what perverts we all were.  How no one “normal” experimented with that sort of thing.  How no woman would ever let that kind of thing happen in this day and age.  HAHAHAHA.  We knew then what everyone knows now…Kink and exploration are IN and people are becoming more and more comfortable sharing their ideal lovers/sexual fantasies when they are out searching for a mate.  It’s important to be sexually compatible.

Of course, I’m not “technically” a whore, but I’ve heard it enough times that I tend to believe it…In one form or another, we all whore ourselves out for something at one time or another.  I honestly believe their would be more legit sex workers if it wasn’t so stigmatized.  There’s also the fact that if you get busted, you’re labeled a  “Prostitute.” The word prostitute conjurs of images of crack whores on the corner giving it away for $10 a pop.  Calling it  “Open Minded Fantasy Fullfiller”  is never gonna happen tho.

My own experience lies in a preoccupation for sex and (legal) deviance since I can remember.  Sex, seduction, fetishes, freaks, the rise and fall of relationships, so-called “normal” sex, experimentation, role play, fantasies, erotica,  BDSM, and a host of other sexual topics that we will most definitely get into.

I swear a lot.  I get a bit vulgar.  I know ways to increase your chances and your confidence and I would LOVE to help.

I’ve learned one thing over and over…NO ONE is “normal.”  EVERYONE has some deep, dark, desire.  The only difference is some have the confidence and motivation to grow, learn, and experiment as opposed to others who make excuses, hide behind some sense of fear or shame, and ultimately end up miserable because they never truly get what they desire.

Hopeless Romantic Seeks Filthy Whore T-Shirt
I’m a little in love with this t-shirt.

Be honest, explore in a safe environment with someone you can trust and lets see what happens.  I have NO DOUBT that before long, you will be living the sexually confident and fantasy fullfilled life you’ve always wanted…Whether you’re a man or a woman!

I plan to include a section for males and for females.

  • Tips
  • Instructions
  • Ideas
  • Information
  • Anything else that seems important will be fair game.   I have a list of categories already and will probably start with topics that show the most interest.  I understand the need for privacy and discretion online so if you message me a question or topic suggestion, just let me know that you prefer not to have your name associated with it and I will keep it private.


Whorified:  Love, Lust, and Longing @ The House of Hustle