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Welcome to the new Whorified.com. Those of you who follow the Facebook Group, Whorified’s House of Hustle, know that this was orginally a joint effort with my partner, Mr. Phoenix. As you may have also heard, I lost my partner, my soulmate, and the love of my life on January 2nd 2019 very unexpectedly. This was the most shocking, heartbreaking, and traumatizing event of my life and I had no idea what would become of this site. Ultimately, it took almost 4 months for me to make a decision.

Even before Mr. Phoenix, I was passionate about confident sexuality in regards to all things kink, BDSM, and alternative lifestyle related. As much as it pains me to go on without him, I know he would want me to continue on because it was this lifestyle that really made our relationship perfect. He would want me to share my experiences, knowledge, and passion even though he is no longer here to grow and experiment with.

Mr. Phoenix meant the world to me. One of the first things we ever did together was fill out he BDSM checklist together. No, I do not fuck around when it comes to my kinks. Our checklists matched up so perfectly it seemed like destiny from the beginning. While I have always sought out BDSM, kink, and alternative lifestyles, he hadn’t ever strictly picked out a partner based on sexual compatibility and that just boggled my mind. He spent years and years suffering in silence while hiding his true desires. I truly do not understand how or why people do this, but apparently, they do. He had never shared this side of himself until I traipsed on into his life and showed him how great things could really be. Our life together was truly amazing and even though I was more experienced in this side of things, he was an extremely quick learner and had a lifetime of fantasies built up. He ended up expanded both of our experiences and desires.

I cannot imagine anyone replacing him…ever, nor can I imagine being so madly and completely in love ever again so while Whorified.com will most definitely live on, the old Bryony Phoenix has made some major changes in activities and adventures. This site will still be entirely focused on confident sexuality in all things kink, bdsm, and alternative lifestyle related, but I’ve expanded my own horizons and taken on some new roles. My own alternative pathway had to change or I never would have been able to continue sharing my experiences and knowledge with those who are seeking to add it to their own lives.

I have no complaints when it comes to Mr. Phoenix, he was extremely good to me. He was the perfect mixture of adventuresome, inquisitiveness, boldness, and creativity. He was also the perfect amount of possessive – and because of that, I can only imagine myself remaining single yet putting some very non-conventional activities into my mix. People do tell me I will meet someone else, but right now, I can’t picture myself loving someone the way I loved and devoted myself to him. I’m very confident in my own sexuality and also my choices, so for now, this is where I’m comfortable.

Professional Masochism

Professional Masochism

Years before meeting Mr. Phoenix, I had the idea to become a professional masochist and alternative lifestyle coach. Well, both of these are now a reality. for clarification, let me explain that neither of these endeavors include sexual intercourse at all. I know the site is called Whorified, but I chose that because it is a KICK ASS word, not because I’m a genuine whore (not that there’s anything wrong with that). My biggest descriptor has always been masochist. Not submissive but that generally partners nicely once play time starts. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very sexual person, but for right now, this is where I am comfortable. I have always wanted an unconventional business in which I could help others while doing what I do best, and I now have that chance. I will write more about the details and the planning I went through to actually see my professional masochism business get off the ground, but for now I’m just explaining the directions this site is taking.

I’ve had numerous requests to include forums and a place where people can meet, and this will be coming as well. It might be in a membership area because I want my readers to be as serious about this as I am. So much needs to be taken into consideration when embarking on anything kink or BDSM related, and safety for everyone is something I must insist on. The membership part will help me weed out those who are truly serious and those who are merely horny. There are plenty of free porn sites for that.

I put A LOT of thought and research into my idea of offering professional masochism and also coaching sessions. I don’t put myself into danger for the fun of it and please don’t read these couple paragraphs and decide to go write up some Craigslist ad. Your life and safety are paramount. This isn’t something anyone should get into without a metric fuck ton of planning and safety precautions behind you. I have considered teaching class for anyone interested in this, but that is a little ways off.

I will definitely share in my adventures, misadventures, and anything I find important enough to share. Whorified will still be centered around finding your sexually confident self in all things kink, BDSM, and alternative lifestyle related, and you can be sure I will write about everything and anything. The good, the bad, the ugly, the hilarious. It’s all fair game. If you have something you would like to know more about, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or messaging through the FB group.

Please remember though that sex is NOT a part of my current businesses. If you message me asking how much for sex…you’ll be ignored. If you message me asking about certain types of sex in general, I will most definitely do my best at writing either a personal reply or an article for this site.

So far I have spent my time weeding through potential customers and taking my time in choosing clients that I believe I can help the most. I won’t rush the process for obvious safety reasons. I help clients understand and maneuver the intricacies of a successful S&M session as well as helping those others fulfill fantasies that they are currently unable to enjoy.

I am devoted to all things kinky, BDSM, and alternative lifestyle related, but definitely prefer bedroom handcuffs to the police/you’re under arrest kind.

I would like to thank you all for being patient as I found my new path. I look forward to sharing and conversing with you all, and am serious in regards to taking your requests for information or answers very seriously.

I hope you enjoy the direction this is headed in.

One Kinky Bitch,

Bryony Phoenix

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