Boudoir Pics


So happy to announce that I’ve recently found a great photographer who will be doing boudoir shots of myself and maybe others for this site.  I can’t fucking wait!  I’ve been told I just LOOK like I have knowledge of open-minded sex practices so I might as well use that.  I think it will be a lot of fun and I’ve been saving boudoir shots that I love left and right to give the photographer as examples.


These will be boudoir shots…nothing overtly over the top sexual.  Mostly just suggestive and hot as hell.  I’m sure it will help give a better feel for who I am and why I think I can help both men and women gain the sexual confidence that they are looking for.  Hell, doing these pics might even raise my own confidence a bit.  I can’t wait to have the details set up and date set.  Will I be nervous? I’m 90% sure I will be somewhat, but that’s half the fun.  Pushing through nerves and coming out successful definitely makes you feel more confident in yourself.  It’s the small steps really that leave you with the nervous butterflies that in turn end up convincing you that you CAN pull it off and do something you have never done before.  I did model once but it wasn’t this style so this will be new to me.  We have plans to sneak a couple “Just for the S/O” shots in there as well.  What guy doesn’t love getting sexy as hell shots of his lover as a surprise?!